#5 Servant Leadership

There are many ways in which a Church, and Christians individually, could serve a local college. For example, most schools are looking for volunteers to help with the international students (housing, during breaks, holidays, shopping, etc.) Pray and ask God how you could be of service.


1. Volunteer at the College

   1.2. Visit the President/Dean/Vice President’s Office to make yourself available

   1.3. Attend school sporting events and volunteer

2. Make your church a venue for students to receive community service credits

    (info upon request)

3. Help make international students feel welcome in the USA. The International Students

    Office at the school may be looking for volunteers (info upon request)

    3.1. Help international students get around the city, Wal-Mart, Grocery, etc.

    3.2. Cultural explanations, i.e. holidays, events, etc.

4. Food bank (A lot of students are not on the school meal plan and eat very little)

5. Use your church van to bring students from student housing to the church on Sundays

6. Offer your washer and dryer, or put one in the church and offer it to the students

7. Use your fellowship hall as a study center with free WiFi and coffee

8. One idea would be to use your fellowship hall to host major event parties: Super Bowl,  World

    Series, NASCAR, Soccer Championships, Hockey, Thanksgiving Dinner, etc.


“The university is a clear-cut fulcrum with which to move the world. The problem here is for the church to realize that no greater service can it render both itself and the cause of the gospel, with which it is entrusted, than to try and recapture the universities for Christ … More potently than by any other means, change the university and you change the world.”

Charles Habib Malik

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